“A lyrical and poetic documentary that shows how stories and presumptions can change, forging connections that are rich and real - - - not just to the past, but to the world at large.”

Alliance of Women Film Journalists

The film encompasses the bigger story of the Indian diaspora and the making of America.”

Times of India

“In this documentary, award-winning filmmaker Kavery Kaul unfolds the fascinating story of the first South Asian male immigrants to the U.S. who married African-American women and made a home in the black community.”

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

“A broadly-brushed watercolor landscape of little-discussed history which coaxes audiences into the story. The whole thing is bursting with heart.”

Broadway World

A touching and beautiful film.”

New York Amsterdam News Curtain Raiser

The Bengali is a candid and revelatory dive into past and present, and thus the future. It breaks social and physical barriers, showing the viewer we're all part of a much larger community than we could imagine.”

Reel News Daily

An absolute gem of a documentary.”

Neon Graffiti

Kavery Kaul’s documentaries explore the shifting frames of culture, race, class, and belonging. The Bengali addresses the important issue of engagement between people of different faiths.